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Windows has difficulties with bluetooth and this device. All the info you ever want to have: https://www.reddit.com/r/sony/comments/fqf71z/wh1000xm3_can_only_use_stereo_or_handsfree_but/

Connect and pair, let is set-up in Windows.

It will create 2 devices

  • headset, bad audio, supports voice
  • headphone, good audio, doesn't support voice

Open the Windows 10 sound configuration, open the classic control panel. In playback

  • set the headset to default communications device
  • set the headphones as default device

in recording

  • set the headset to default device

This will make either windows 10 or the headphones, not sure, switch bluetooth profile when you have a skype/teams/discord/whatever call and makes it more or less usable while enjoying better audio quality when voice is not required.