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A draft article on security!

Authentication (Passwords)

  • Use a strong password: 12+ characters, printable ascii
  • Use a unique password per service
  • Use multi factor authentication where possible (
    • start with regular sms
    • if you're slightly more into Tech, you can use totp apps like Microsoft Authenticator or Google Authenticator or Yubikey Authenticator
    • make a backup of your codes, make a backup of the app! losing the app without backup means: no access to your service
  • Use a password vault to help you remember all the different strong passwords for different services and you're only human
    • secure that password vault like hell!


  • When things go south: make sure you have OFFLINE backups of all your useful data
  • Take a backup of your online services! Gmail/Google exports, Hotmail exports, Facebook, Twitter, Github, ... If it's compromised it's GONE. GDPR helps here by enforcing services to grant you access to your data.
  • Backup your password vault


Windows Computer

Android phone

  • Enable lockscreen with a code (or pattern, whatever)
  • Disable Wi-Fi stuff as from Personal_Security#Network
  • Update your Android
    • If no android updates are available from your manufacturer, consider unlocking and putting on it
    • If not, consider buying a new phone...


  • Enable lockscreen with a code! (or faceid or touchid, whatever)
  • Disable Wi-Fi stuff as from Personal_Security#Network
  • Make sure your ios is up to date


  • Update your software: windows, firefox, acrobat, vlc, notepad++, ... all software eventually becomes a security threat...


  • Use a strong Wi-Fi PSK (16+ characters printable ascii)
  • Don't use Wi-Fi profiles without PSK
  • Delete previously used Wi-Fi profiles
  • Disable everything hot-spot related