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Managed DHCP

Set-top box must have DHCP lease of Proximus BBOX. So if another DHCP is authoritative for the leases in the private LAN, a block list or a deny needs to be introduced for the MAC address for the STB on the other DHCP server.

Note, you cannot disable the DHCP server on the BBOX for the STB range, only for regular LAN clients.


Enable IGMP!

Outbound Samba

Outbound 445 is blocked or at least intercepted by the CPE. On sagem: set firewall to high, create new rule 445 outbound, now samba outbound on proximus bbox3 works1


From now on everything needs explicit outbound access... Belfius app needs access to, so create an additional rule for that...

Factory Reset Cisco STB (isb6030 cisco)

  • power off
  • press back ok and menu
  • power on
  • keep pressed untill "facr" is shown on screen