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DSMR P1 V5.0.2


start telegram: /FLU5\253770234_A

ID Example Description
0-0:96.1.4 5 digits Version information
0-0:96.1.1 28 digits Equipment identifier
0-0:1.0.0 12 digits and a W Date-time stamp of the P1 message
1-0:1.8.1 000171.155*kWh Positive active energy (A+) in tariff T1 [kWh]
1-0:1.8.2 000178.682*kWh Positive active energy (A+) in tariff T2 [kWh]
1-0:2.8.1 000015.621*kWh Negative active energy (A+) in tariff T1 [kWh]
1-0:2.8.2 000012.056*kWh Negative active energy (A+) in tariff T2 [kWh]
0-0:96.14.0 0002 Tariff indicator electricity. Belgium: 1 = day, 2 = night (Opposite of Netherlands)
1-0:1.7.0 00.000*kW Positive active instantaneous power (A+) [kW]
1-0:2.7.0 01.292*kW Negative active instantaneous power (A-) [kW]
1-0:32.7.0 236.7*V Instantaneous voltage (U) in phase L1 [V]
1-0:31.7.0 006*A Instantaneous current (I) in phase L1 [A]
0-0:96.3.10 1 Breaker state (0 disconnected, 1 connected, 2 ready for connection)
0-0:17.0.0 999.9*kW Limiter threshold
1-0:31.4.0 999*A Fuse supervision threshold L1
0-0:96.13.0 Example Text message (max 1024 characters)
0-1:24.1.0 003 Device-Type
0-1:96.1.1 28 digit number Equipment identifier
0-1:24.4.0 1 Valve state
0-1:24.2.3 24 digit number and a W and 00227.226*m3 YY/MM/DD/HH/MM/SSS = Summertime ; W = Winter time and Last value of not temperature corrected gas volume in m³, including decimal values and capture time (Gas)

tail -f /dev/ttyUSB0