ADDS Security

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Things to audit

in AD

  • Sensitive, well known security Groups (Domain Admins, Enterprise Admins, Administrators) and its members
  • Issued Certificates for users in sensitive, well known security groups
  • Issued Certificates with Authentication Mechanism Assurance
  • ACL on root
  • ACL on OU's/Users/Groups
  • ACL on AdminSDHolder
  • ACL on GPO's
  • ACL with replication permission
  • Passwords of users
  • Kerberos keys, golden/silver tickets/krbtgt hash
  • Kerberoast
  • Unexpected User User Account Control values
    • Store password using reversible encryption on accounts
  • SIDHistory values

In Config Partition


  • Secure Updates

In Group Policy

  • Creation of Security Groups or Users on clients
  • Definition of logon/startup scripts
  • Modification of logon/startup scripts in sysvol
  • Unexpected User Rights Assignments